Imagine If You Could Be A Better Player Next Time You Step On Court?

Keep reading because I'm going to tell you how you can make it a reality.

Although there's lot’s of great coaches out there, you won't find what I'm about to share with you anywhere else…


Because it's based on functional neurology...


And functional neurology isn’t taught by the USTA, Tennis Canada, the LTA, or any other Coach education program!!!


Now, if you're anything like I used to be, you've got a love hate relationship with tennis.


Just when you think you are getting somewhere, you step on court and nothing works like it should.


And you just can't crack it, no matter what you do.


You’ve spent hours practicing.


You've taken lessons.


You've watched videos on youtube.

You've tried adjusting your grip.

You've messed around with your swing.

You even bought new rackets and tested different string tensions.


But none of it made any real difference. 


Sure, some days you feel like you are making progress, but you're certainly not at the level you want to be at.



You're still struggling against players you should beat comfortably.

The question is why?


Why is your timing not as good as you want it to be?


Why are you still missing balls you shouldn't?


Why are you still struggling with that shot?


Why is it, no matter what you do, you can't seem to get to that next level?


Now, before I tell you what's holding you back.

Let's clear up what definitely isn't the problem.

It's not your grip, your take back, your follow through, the string tension or the type of racket you use.


It's none of those things.

How do I know?


Firstly, I used to be in your position, before I learnt what I'm about to share with you.


But you don't have to take my word for it, just take a look at the the best players in the world.


Look how different Federer and Nadal's forehand grips are.


Some players have big a take back, some players, like Foginini hardly take the racket back at all, but consistently hit with blistering power.

Top players all use different rackets too.


And there certainly isn't a magical string tension.

So get that stuff out of your head...


But there is ONE thing all great players have in common!

It's something that doesn't get talked about on TV.


It's not in the news papers.


And you're certainly not going to hear it from your coach.


Let me ask you a question.


What do all these errors have in common?

  • Taking you're eye off the ball

  • Taking your racket back too late

  • Getting too close to the ball

  • Hitting the ball too late

  • Being out of position

  • Choosing the wrong shot

The answer is they're all 100% dependent on your vision!


It doesn't matter how many times your coach tells you to take your racket back early.


If your visual system can't judge distance accurately, you'll never be able to do it.


Neither will you be able to meet the ball out in front


Or stop yourself from getting too close to the ball.


And you can spend every second of the day practicing, but if your eyes can't track well, you won't be able to keep your eyes on the ball.

High level tennis players have amazing vision.

What do you think allows them to react to a serve hit at 130 mph?


This has been confirmed by research too.


In a study done at a US College, the researchers put the tennis team through a series of vision tests and ranked the players based on vision scores.


What do you think they found?


The vision scores exactly matched the players ranking from top to bottom of the roster. 


The better the vision score, the better the player.


That's how important vision is for tennis.

Your vision is what's stopping you from getting better.


And before you tell me this doesn't apply to you because you don't wear glasses or you have perfect 20/20 vision.


Let me tell you that 20/20 means average, not perfect and it is just one measure of vision called static visual acuity. 


There are are multiple different visual skills needed on a tennis court.


If one of these skills isn't very good, your chance of missing a shot increases significantly.


And when more than one of these skills isn't working, it's a recipe for the sort of inconsistent tennis you see at every club and park court in the country.


Vision is literally the biggest limiting factor in tennis performance.


Anyone who tries to argue otherwise, should go on the court blind folded and see what happens  🙂


Now before you scream at me and close the page down in frustration for rubbing your face in it, let me give you some exciting news.

You can improve your vision with training.

Vision training has been used by fighter pilots and professional athletes for years.


It's also be used by some pretty good tennis players...


The first player I heard of doing it was Bjorn Borg and things turned out ok for him.

And if you’ve read Andre Agassi’s book, you’ll know his dad started training his vision when he was still a baby!!!

Let Me Introduce Myself Quickly

Hi, I'm Richard Brice...


I'm an aging tennis player. And I've been working with tennis players for 17 years.


I started out in coaching, but for the last 14 years I've been training them.


I've worked with beginners, intermediates, college hopefuls, ATP & WTA professionals.


Can I let you in on a little secret?


Working with pros and high level juniors is easy...



Because they are natural athletes and they can do anything you ask them to.

Do you want to know what isn't easy?


Helping a kid who can’t catch, to hit consistent ground stokes.


Or harder still...


Helping an adult who started playing in their 30's, to be able to meet the ball out in front!  


But I've consistently found, when you improve people's Tennis Vision, their timing starts to improve and they're able to fix issues they've struggled with for years.



And that's why I created a program for tennis players just like you, who are serious about improving their game.



A revolutionary online program that turns you into a better tennis player by making you see the ball earlier, react fast, concentrate more and make better decisions under pressure.


It’s designed specifically for tennis players, who want to do everything they can to improve. And for players who want to be more confident on court. 

What Can Tennis Vision Help With? 

  • Timing

    Your timing is completely dependent on your visual system. If you can't judge depth correctly and have poor visual sequencing, no amount of lessons and practice will make you meet the ball out in front. Luckily, Tennis Vision will help you time the ball better, so you can meet the ball early and get more power, spin and accuracy on your shots

  • Technique

    That shot you're struggling with.. The one that just won't improve no matter how much you practice. Chances are, the reason you can't hit it like you want to is because you lack one of the visual skills necessary. Fix your vision and soon you'll be hitting it with confidence even under pressure.

  • Reflexes

    Want to have lightning fast reflexes at the net? Or be able to return big serves more comfortably? Tennis vision will help you with that too. You'll be able to see the ball sooner and more clearly, so you can react faster on court.

  • Concentration

    Ever wondered why when you get tired, you choose the wrong shot or you make silly mistakes? It has a lot to do with how your visual system is working. Visual processing uses up a lot of your brain's energy, so when you improve it, you'll be able to focus more and make better decisions even in long matches.

  • Anticipation

    As the standard of tennis you play increases, so does the importance of being able to anticipate what your opponent is going to do. When you upgrade your Tennis Vision, you start to pick up on the subtle things your opponent is doing, so you can read where they are going to hit the ball.

  • Consistency

    To become the best player in the world, you only need to win 55% of the points you play. Which means if you can just make a few less errors your chance of winning goes up exponentially. Improving your Tennis Vision will help you watch the ball better and make you more consistent. Meaning you'll win more matches.

Here's How It Works 

Simple Training Exercises

Your eyes movements are controlled by 6 eye muscles.


These muscles can become weak and out of condition just like any other muscle in the body.


When this happens, your vision suffers and so does your ability to track the ball.


The average junior spends most of their day looking down at their phone and the average adult spends their whole day looking down at a computer screen.

Neither of which is a recipe for well-conditioned eye muscles.


Especially the muscles that move the eyes up, which is kind of important for serving, overheads, high volleys and dealing with those nasty moon ballers!


You're going to be doing simple drills to improve the strength, conditioning and coordination of your eye muscles.


Each week you'll be getting a new program with different exercises that builds on the last.


Until you get to the point where your can comfortably track the ball all the way onto your strings. 


Resulting in better timing, increased consistency and the confidence that comes with them!

Fun Training Challenges

Vision training isn't just about strengthening your eye muscles.


One of the main targets for vision training are the parts of your brain that process visual information.


You'll be training these visual processing centres, which will give you faster reactions, better depth perception and the ability for stay more focused during matches.


Each week you'll be doing new training challenges to keep you progressing and enjoying your training.


These challenges are like games, where you'll try and beat your score each time you do them. This allows you to keep track of your progress and to stay motivated.



Here's What You Get 

12 Different Training Programs

You get a new program every week for 12 weeks. It's enough to keep even the most savage of learners with more than enough variety to handle.


But because you can move through the program at your own pace, even the most novice of players can make progress without feeling overwhelmed.


Each program consists of a vision warm up where you'll be practicing the most essential visual skills needed in tennis.


And a vision training circuit made up of advanced training drills. That will improve things like hand to eye coordination, foot to eye coordination and decision making.

($297 Value)

Over 110 Different Drills

Training to get great Tennis Vision is just like working on the rest of your game. You need to be good at the basics, but you also need to be able to handle the unexpected.


That's exactly what you'll be getting with all the drills inside this program.


You'll be doing over 110 different drills designed to make sure your visual system can handle everything your opponent or the weather that day throws at you!

Let's Take A Closer Look A Few Of The Drills You'll Be Doing 

  • Letter Ball

    Probably my favourite Tennis Vision Drill. It's designed to improve your ball tracking, decision making and your ability to watch the ball onto your strings.

  • Pencil Push Ups

    This drill will help to correct one of the most common visual issues I find in tennis players. Correcting this issue is crucial for consistent hitting.

  • Foot To To Eye Coordination Charts

    This drill will give you better footwork, so you can get in better position for your shots.

  • Saccade Charts

    This drill trains you to make fast eye movements and quickly process what you see, so you can make better decisions on court

  • Near Far Switches

    Your eyes can only track a ball up to a certain speed. This drill will make sure you can track a ball hit at you with power.

  • Hand to eye coordination charts

    This drill will give you faster hands, so you can react faster at the net.

Plus Get These 5 Bonuses 

Reaction Workout Game

If you're looking for a tennis specific workout, you can do at home, you'll love the Reaction Workout Game. It's designed to improve your reflexes and make you fitter at the same time. It doesn't require any special equipment and you can do it in your front room!!!

($97 Value)

Tennis Lungs

This program is going to help you maximize your fitness by up-regulating the parts of your brain that control breathing activating all of your breathing muscles. You'll be able to produce more energy with every breath, so you can perform better in longer matches.

($47 Value)

Lateral Step Pro

This program will help you master the perfect split step and first step, so you can cover the net better, get to more balls at the baseline and return bigger serves. If you're like most people that have never been taught footwork properly, this program will dramatically improve how well you move on court and how many points you win.

($27 Value)

Serve Neuro Hacks

This program gives you 5 neurological hacks you can use to instantly increase the power of your serve. It takes advantage of the brain's threat performance continuum to help you unlock new found power. I challenge you to put them to the test. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what happens and annoyed no-one ever showed you before!

($37 Value)

Tennis Proof Ankles

If you're dealing with ankle or foot pain at the moment, this program is just what you need. You'll be using a neurological approach to make your ankles tennis proof. Not only, will it help you to get rid of pain and injuries, it'll also help you to move better on court, so you can get in better position and get more balls back in play.

($67 Value)

That's A Total Value Of $572 

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What Are People Saying About The Tennis Vision Program?

“This program addresses many of the biggest problems coaches face. And on a personal level I was surprised by how challenging some of the drills were.”


Head Pro - Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club

“The vision training Richard taught me has made a huge difference in my game. I also recover much better after long matches than I used to.”


Club Player and Open Level Player

This reaction workout is intense and highly realistic to a tennis match. The workout definitely challenged me physically.”


U18 Player

Plus, You'll Be Backed By My

 See The Ball Better GuaranteeAWKES

I'm passionate about helping people to improve their game and get more enjoyment from it. Which is why I want to make it as easy as is humanly possible to get started. That’s why I’m giving you my 30 day See The Ball Better Money Back Guarantee.


Take 30 days and try the first 4 programs of the Tennis Vision Program. Go through the progressive Vision Warm Ups. Work on the hand to eye coordination drills and the pencil push ups. Try out 4 different versions of the letter ball drill. If after going through them you don't feel like your you're seeing the ball better, I insist that you email me requesting an instant refund.


Some Questions Other People Asked Before They Started Tennis Vision...

I'm not sure, I've never heard of vision training. Will it really help my game?

I already take lessons, how is this program going to help me more than my coach?

If vision training is so good, why isn't everyone one doing it?

What age and ability is the program for?

How long are the training sessions and how many days per week do I need to train?

How long is the program?

Here's why you need to get the Tennis Vision Program Today

Deep down you know you want to be a better tennis player. That's why you've been practicing and making all those adjustments.


You want to feel confident that if that short ball comes, you're going to be able to direct it where you want. Instead of making a silly mistake.


Up until now, you've been at a disadvantage. But when you start the Tennis Vision Program today, you're evening up the playing field.


As your visual system improves and you start to see the ball better, your timing is going to improve and you're going to become a better player.


And because of my "See The Ball Better Guarantee", you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Take Your First Step To Becoming The Player You Want To Be....

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